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Gourmet Restaurant

Gourmet restaurant in Porto Rafael

At SOLAZ Gourmet Restaurant in Porto Rafael conviviality is the concept everything is based on.

The restaurant is located in the famous main square in this seaside village that keeps the search for continuous socialising alive; just as the Spanish Count Rafael envisaged when he first uttered his motto more than sixty years ago.


The Gourmet is a small restaurant in Porto Rafael that has big ambitions.

From the catch of the day to local meats and a wine list with more than 400 labels including wines and champagne to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

These delicacies, are expertly prepared with extreme care in terms of the quality of the food and professionalism and with a gourmet philosophy, without underestimating the importance of the visual impact.

That is how the gourmet philosophy was born, as told in the first person by the Chef: ‘During my childhood, I always searched for those flavours and aromas in every product with which I came into contact that could be a source of inspiration for me. The imprint I leave on the dishes I create is given precisely by these wonderful memories, which have taught me to enhance every ingredient that makes up each of my dishes.

For me it is very important to express and link the concept of gourmet to uniqueness, which in turn is linked to the location: unique and breathtaking.’

And this is where the restaurant gets its name from.

The sophisticated menu provides a selection of flavours for all tastes, even for thosewho follow a vegetarian diet. All ingredients are extremely fresh and 0 km and are all locally sourced.

You can sample fish or meat specialities, fresh homemade pasta, seasonal vegetables and much more. Our sommelier can suggest wines to accompany every dish.

Gourmet Restaurant is a a carefree but classy environment, a cool, holiday place.

Softly played Italian music from the Sixties lightens the atmosphere. You can enjoy our culinary delights accompanied by timeless classics such as Volare, Sapore di mare…and it will be like finding yourself all of a sudden catapulted into “la dolce vita”. A historical period in which the carefree and worldly lifestyle of that period where the will to live and enjoy life were some of the most important things.

Treat yourself to the pleasure of taking a dip into the past and sample the authentic flavours of our restaurant in Porto Rafael.

A dip into the past A dip into the past A dip into the past A dip into the past A dip into the past